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Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Lighting Control Systems Designed and Installed in Liverpool, St Helens, Knowsley and Prescot

Lighting control systems are becoming more and more popular, enabling you not just to turn a light on or off but create several scenes of light to create any mood you like. The perfect setting for a romantic meal, a night time setting for your children should they wake up or the ability turn every light in the house on or off from 1 or more locations.

Lighting systems offer so much more than conventional lighting, especially when it comes to your carbon footprint and energy savings. Imagine a room where it will automatically turn off if it's not used, no more lights being left on. A room where the light automatically dims to a lower level over a period of time not noticeable to the human eye. With lighting systems if you reduce the light level by 20% you will use 20% less power, this will also prolong the life of the lamps. With the addition of a slow on and off you could effectively double the life expectancy of your lamps.

Imagine you arrive home after dark and the lights in your house have automatically turned on so you never need to enter a dark house. If you are away on holiday, your system has the ability to learn how you live and mimic your actions while you are away, giving the illusion that someone is home. This can also be extended to window treatments such as blinds and curtains so they will automatically open and close throughout the day.

We offer a few lighting systems that can be used for a single room or the whole house. These can be tailored to your exact needs. Lighting systems can also be integrated into a control system, offering you complete control from keypads, remote controls and even today's smartphones, iPods, Blackberries and iPads.

If you are local to Prescot, Knowsley, St Helens or Liverpool and would like to discuss your requirements for a lighting control system, get in touch today.